• Playing with the VFX1 Virtual Reality System

    My friend Sean has had this VFX1 virtual reality headset for around 7 years.  He got it from someone back in college but Sean never found the time to get it up and running.  The VFX1 was originally sold in 1995 for around $1000.  It was top o...
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    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 6

    With all of the paper templates cut out, it was finally time to start actually working with leather.  The first piece I decided to work on was the back plate.  It's the most distinctive part of the holster and also, I thought it would be one of the easier parts to make since it's just a flat Read More→


    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 5

    With the back plate design figured out and the holster design made up, it's time to put it together.  That means making straps.  My original thought was that I could hopefully make the straps just straight pieces of leather, since the leather is flexible.  However after trying that out with Read More→


    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 4

    With the black plate completed, it made sense to get to work on the actual holster component.  This is a bit trickier because you never really get a good look at it in-game.  You can kind of see the general shape of the holster but it's tough to make out any details.  I'm using Leatherworker's Read More→


    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 3

    Now that I have the manikin it's time to start designing the actual holster.  My initial thoughts are that the back plate will be the trickiest part.  The straps can hopefully just be straight pieces of leather, though I'm not entirely sure about that yet.  The poster board model will help show Read More→


    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 2

    With a plan of attack I was able to actually get started on this project.  I know that I want this holster to fit me, but it's not exactly easy to model something to fit your own back.  I can't easily see my own back, and even with a mirror it would be a huge pain.  Therefore I knew I was going Read More→