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    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 12

    It's done! After months it's finally done. It's funny, the buckles are really what made it take so long. If I had those from the beginning I could have built this in a month. I'm pretty confident I could build another one in a few days if I had the free time available and all of the materials on Read More→


    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 11

    I have a really big update today! I've been putting in a little bit of work almost every day for the last one or two weeks. Last weekend I apparently got a wild hair and just went all out working on this holster. I managed to get it almost fully completed! I just have a few finishing touches to Read More→


    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 10

    I've made a bit more progress on this in the last couple of days. I don't have many photos though. I decided to put the paper mock-up back together now that I have the buckles. Having the buckles meant that I could actually build it out of the paper and figure out the proper hole locations and Read More→


    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 9

    The buckles finally came in! They turned out exactly how I designed them. Unfortunately I think they might be a bit too thin. They will work for now, but they aren't as beefy as they should be. Also, I think the polished gray look is too dark. I had to go with nickel plated hardware for everything Read More→


    Uncharted 2 Holster: Part 8

    I haven't posted an update to this project in a few months for a couple of reasons. For one, I've been off having adventures for the several weeks this summer. I'll be posting about some of those soon. The big reason, though, is that I've been stuck on the buckles. I couldn't find any off the Read More→