Twitter: @rickoooooo
Email: Rick (at) RichardOsgood (dot) com

My name is Rick Osgood. I like to make stuff. I graduated from the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona on April 17, 2008. I currently work as a security intelligence engineer in Eugene, Oregon. I have co-founded two hackerspaces. First, HeatSync Labs in Arizona. The second is Eugene Maker Space in Eugene, Oregon.

I have a lot of interests and therefore a lot of projects. I realized one day that a lot of these projects vanish once they are no longer new or useful and there is never any proof that they ever existed. This blog is my way of reminding myself that I sometimes do cool and awesome things. It’s a motivator to keep learning and keep sharing my work with whoever is interested.







(6/8/2016) – Meet Your Makers – Panel discussion with makers in the Eugene area to promote EugeneMade and Eugene Maker Faire.
(6/3/2016) – – Interview related to the Eugene Maker Space Near Space Project I lead.
(8/1/2015) – I wrote many articles for Hackaday while I was a contributor. You can find them here.
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(10/28/2014) Eugene Tech Podcast – Talking about the Second Annual Eugene Pumpkin Chunkin’ Competition
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(5/10/2012) – Podcast related to engineering and the “inevitable zombie Apocalypse”
(2/8/2012) NWTechShow – Radio show based in Salem, Oregon