Holster Modifications Inspired by Uncharted 2

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Back piece

The last phone and wallet holster I made was designed to be super simple and inexpensive to make. I did modify it a little bit by adding some extra holes for adjustments as well as adding a Chicago screw on the back to hold the two straps together. That helped keep the whole thing from shifting around too much.

Two days ago I suddenly was inspired to make a more decorative back piece for the holster and was heavily inspired by Uncharted 2. In the game, Nathan Drake is after the Cintamani stone. When he finally finds it, the stone is an enormous blue ball of hardened tree sap embedded within the tree of life. This image is what inspired me for the new leather piece.

I designed the actual leather piece in Sketchup as usual. I then converted to SVG and imported it into QCad so I could cut it out on the Eugene Maker Space laser cutter. I found the tree of life image online and then burned it into the leather, again using the laser cutter. I┬álove that thing. Then I sanded down the edges, stained it, and finished it. The “Cintamani stone” in this case is just a small piece of turquoise I found at a local gem shop. I thought it fit the bill perfectly. It’s only held in place with a bit of contact cement, so we’ll see how well it holds up over time. I may need to find a better solution.

Angle from back

From the front

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  2. love this; do you sell them?

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